jueves, 9 de julio de 2009


Hi let me introduce myself, my name is Lucía (N.), and my friends usually call me Lu, or Luli. I'm fifteen years old and my birthday is on 16th June.
My full name is Lucía de los Angeles N., Lucía means light and it's of Latin origins. My mother chose this name for me because she loved it and reminded her of what she felt for me, because I was like an angel for her (L)
When my mother asked my fahter if he liked, he loved it too so they agreed to call me like this.
If i had been a boy, my name would have been "Luca".
Personally, i like my name very much because it's neether too lon or too short.
I'd like to be called Felicitas, Pía, Juana or Carolina because I love those names, and it's very probably, that my daughters will be called like this.

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  1. Hi Lucía!
    All the Lucías I've known are sweet but also energetic, and you're no exception... In you case, I love the combination with your middle name: "light of angels".Isn't that sweet?

    Question: are you planning to have 4 daughters?! And why do you like those names?

  2. Hi Gladys,
    well, actually i'd like to have only two daughters, but those names depend of the father too!
    I think i like those names because are a little original. For example, of "FELICITAS" i like the nickname, Feli.
    XoXo Lucía.

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